Akiu onsen in Sendai, even a valuable night, put in one day hot spring|hotel kiyomizu

One day hot springs of Akiu Onsen is quicker to finish

Onsen ryokan and hotel with Akiu’s day-time bathing are mostly at the end of reception at 14 o’clock on weekends. Perhaps it seems to be a consideration for guests, but decided that “I will go to a day-trip hot spring today”, set one-day hot spring as the main event of the day and visit Akiu when it is difficult to use …… .

If possible, I would like to take a bath as soon as I left. I want to enter the night.

The one-day hot springs of Akiu Onsen was a problem for a while that it was not possible to use it in the evening, but there was a hotel that could be added even at night on weekends.

That is the Hotel Kiyomizu located at the back of Aki Onsenkyo.

Access from Sendai station to Hotel Kiyomizu, Western liner is convenient

Akiu Onsenkyo is a hot spring resort along the Natori River, and it is widespread so as to take 10 minutes by car from the nearest to the innermost hot spring inn. Hotel Kiyomizu is located at the back of Akiu Onsen, so it takes about 25 minutes on foot from the nearest bus stop. Besides, because it is in the middle of the mountain, walking with a walk is like getting stuck with its ups and downs.

The one I would like to recommend is Takaya Traffic Sendai Western Liner. The wonderful part of Western liner is that we have a bus stop in front of all the inns in Akiu Onsen. Although it operates one hour from the front of Sendai station, it seems that all the buses are operating to the hotel Kiyomizu, so when using the Western liner, check the time of the bus in advance I would like to recommend.

参照元:Takaya Traffic Sendai Western Liner

Take a one-day hot springs to the evening at Akiu onsen in Sendai |Hotel Kiyomizu

The hotel Kiyomizu one-day hot springs is accepted until 18:30 on weekends. In this time, it is a time zone where you can enjoy a day trip as a last tightening of the day.

Hotel Kiyomizu has a main building and an annex, and a one-day hot springs is carried out in the annex. The site next to the main building is an annex, and when using a one-day hot springs, you will use the parking lot in the annex building.

As soon as I entered the entrance, there was a reception for a one-day hot springs and a friendly, good-looking old man greeted me. Face towel and free rental bath towel are handed when paying bathing fee. I thought that the fee was slightly higher for an adult of 1350 yen, but if you think that towel fee is included, it may be a reasonable fee.
“Today, I do not have hot spring goods but I want to come near!” Is a convenient hot spring.

The floor is a space only for using the hot spring in the annex, and the lobby which becomes the rest space is like the visitor who stopped by a day-trip bathing facility rather than using the hotel’s day-trip bathing facilities. There is some casualness. Also, once you have completed the reception, there is an entrance to the bathhouse soon, you do not have to hunt around the hall and you may also be distinguished by a quick stop at the bath.

In Hotel Kiyomizu one-day hot spring report

Temperature is a little tough and easy to enter for children. Children who usually got up quickly had long baths.

The hot spring has no sulfur smell, it is colorless and transparent. Spreading bathtubs indoors and outdoor one by one. You can enjoy a hot spring with a relaxed feeling. Also, in the outdoor bath, there is a place like a gigantic cave, and you can enjoy a striking atmosphere at the same time as opening feeling of open-air bath.

According to personal preference, after wandering from the hot springs, I like sweat blowing out even if I wipe it with a dressing room or even wipe it, but this hot water did not have it. Although I do not know whether it is influence of temperature setting of lukewarm or whether it is influence of spring quality.

Akiu Onsen Hotel Kiyomkizu one-day hot springs Information

■ Business hours
10 o’clock to 18 o’clock on weekdays (until reception)
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10 o’clock – 19 o’clock (last reception until 18 o’clock)

■A charge
Adult 1350 yen / child 640 yen
※ Face towel included · Free bath towel rental

■Hot spring quality
Sodium · Calcium · Chloride · Sulfate Spring Hypotonic Neutral High Spring


1 Yumoto Hirakura, Akiumachi, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Sendai Akiu onsen Hoter Kiyomizu

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